If you’re looking to buy property for sale in Spain then the announcement in April 2015 by Mario Draghi President the ECB (European Central Bank) to inject 1.1 trillion euros thought QE (quantitative easing) program into the Eurozone’s struggling economy. This was backed by an official German pledge to buy 60 billion euros every month through to September next year.

The ECB’s decision as already had a dramatic effect on the money markets the value of the pound against the euro rising from one £1.25 to £1.34 in just one week and experts believe the euro will continue to fall. They predict that by July £1 could buy up to 1.55 euros, a 13-year high.

Since 2008 average house price in Spain has fallen from €2068 to €1460 per m2 a fall of over 30%. All the available Spanish national statistic indicate that the freefall started to bottom out during 2014 with the Spanish General Housing Price Index holding steady throughout the year at 87 points, the first clear evidence of the Spanish property market stabilising in over 6 years.

General Housing Price Index Spain

Chart data source Ministry of information Madrid.

Prices of houses, villas and apartments very in Spain from region to region. In the popular holiday resort of Salou in Cataluna you can buy 2 bed apartments for as little as €60,000, at the current exchange rates of £1.34 that only £45,000! If you prefer the country life 3 bed house in the mountains of the Costa Dorada just 25 minutes drive from the beach at Cambrils could cost as little as €105,000 that’s currently less than £80,000!! Of course the sky’s the limit if you’re looking for a palace on the beach but right now there are many bargains that will suits everybody’s budget and aspirations.

Spanish house prices euros per m2

Table data source Ministry of information Madrid. All the above values are in Euros per square meter.